Scott Rogers Sculpture

The latest by Scott Rogers is a piece entitled,

“FOOTBALL” (Circa 1890)


20 ” High x 34″ Wide x 12″ Deep      Edition of #50 

This sculpture is being sold prior to casting. It goes to the foundry in December of 2016. A deposit reserves you a casting of “FOOTBALL” (Circa 1890).

For purchase information contact / Rogers Studio @ 435-469-1646

“FOOTBALL” (Circa 189) is a companion piece to his sculpture, “Base Ball” (circa 1890)

“Base Ball” (circa 1890) Clay model for bronze

19 1/2″ High x 32″ Wide x 11 1/4″ Deep      Edition of #50 (32 castings available)

This sculpture has been cast into bronze.  

The patina shown here is the artist’s choice.

It is called “The Old Rust” patina. It is a matte finish)


Monumental Buffalo Information

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Welcome to my portrayal of the ‘Old West’ – in bronze sculpture. I find western sculpture is a doorway to a wealth of knowledge and feeling. Cowboy art encompasses the whole panorama of the human experience. I remember fondly the hours spent as a youth reading of renegade horses, cowboys, outlaws, ferocity, passion, cunning, honor, loneliness, courage and freedom. These words worked their way into my soul and now find expression through my fingers in clay. The west was about men and women who had courage to work for something bigger than themselves. I find great pleasure in doing these people justice by creating a fair portrayal of their characters. As an artist, my desire is to use western sculpture as a vehicle to inspire mankind to see the beauty of life and remember our ‘Old West’ heritage.

~ Scott Rogers


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