5.  The Reveal of the Babe Ruth & Lou Gehrig Monument

The Reveal of the Babe Ruth & Lou Gehrig Monument   •    Art Trail News   •   November 1, 2022

The reveal of the monument was so exciting and fun for us!  If you’ve never been to The Silos at Magnolia, it’s a good time. The new plant shop, ‘Fernie’s’ was opening for the first time that day. So Cute! We perused the Shops. Oh! and the cupcakes!! Also, the Chapel is amazingly beautiful. We grabbed lunch from the food trucks and sat in the bleachers while we ate and watched families play together on the wiffleball field. After we were done eating we joined the game.  ;). It was fun watching kids and grown ups alike interacting with the newly placed monuments.

-Janette Rogers

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But here’s the interesting part that happened at the reveal, I didn’t know I was going to be a part of it! I only found out 30 minutes prior to recording. My main contact, Samantha, said that Chip wanted to ask me if I would be the one that pulled back the unveiling cloth. Of course I said “Yes. I’d love to.” To be a part of this surprise for JoAnna would be amazing. I had no idea what I would say and didn’t plan a word. The whole thing seem to be impromptu, unplanned, and totally natural, which I loved. No script.

Spending time with Chip and Joanna only made me want to spend even more time with them. So kind, generous, feeling, welcoming, and down to earth. I remember after it was all over, saying to somebody that one of the greatest things that Chip and Joanna do for this world is introduced them to the true spirit of Texans. You see, the better part of my childhood was spent in Texas. My mother was born in San Angelo, Texas….I know the people! They are a “get it done, be classy, be in integrity, and have fun doing it” kind of folk. What a blessing Chip and Jo Gaines have been in my life. I can truly say I’m a better person for my interaction with them, and all the people associated with Magnolia. And I know I can also speak for my wife….. when I say, “Our hearts to yours.”

-Scott Rogers
The reveal took place on May 26, 2022.  Truly a day to remember for us and our guests!
If you’d like to explore more about the Babe and Lou monument, you can click this link here.