Ain’t Gonna Be no Second Trip

Art Trail News   •   May 9, 2022

Bronze sculpture by Scott Rogers of a young boy carrying a lot of wood
 What most folks don’t realize, on some level, every piece I create is a self portrait, a version of an experience I’ve had. Be it a guy being shot, bucked off a horse, lost love, standing face to face with evil, communing spiritually or dancing around a campfire. At the time of sculpting this piece we had a cabin up in the woods. I had the concept of “Ain’t Gonna be No Second Trip” in my head, of a boy carrying firewood. I asked our son, Nick, to go out and get some firewood for the stove and photographed him with a load.
Heres a funny: When I started this piece, I thought, I’d have fun depicting a youth learning the lesson “Don’t try to do too much at once”. However the other day as I was picking up my spilled groceries off the garage floor (the glass jar of pickles did not make it) I had to smile to myself.
You can find more about this piece on my Instagram page.