American Bison Monument Install

Art Trail News   •   July 1, 2023

 T he monumental “American Bison” is put together from cast bronze pieces (see photos).

A lot of folks don’t realize that monumental bronzes are hollow. The outside shell is usally about 1/4” in thickness.

Once the bronze is welded together and it is inspected by Scott…the raw bronze is sandblasted to give it even textures and cleans the impurities so that it is able to receive the chemicals for a patina.

Once patinaed…the piece is loaded on a trailer.

It was an eight day round trip to deliver this one to Bethesda Maryland. I only had to spend one night in my truck, somewhere in Ohio.

I’m always amazed to see the ‘big boys’ up in the air…lifted by cranes.

Nothing like a safe delivery! Great vibes all around. Beyond grateful.