Dimensions 45″ H x 36″ W x 27″ D      ~      Edition of 30

In every era, there are men and women willing to ‘risk it all’ for the possibility of great reward; be it for money, a gold medal, a business venture, a relationship or developing a talent.
What is success? Is it having a certain amount in the bank, a big house, the dream car, happy children? What is your definition of success? Question: Is success the ‘accomplishment of’ or the ‘having of’ a thing? Once one has the thing or the accomplishment are they a success?
I was raised with a saying my father repeated numerous times. “Success is the progressive realization of a worthwhile goal.” The key word in that sentence is ‘progressive.’ Meaning, if one is active in the ‘pursuit’ of a goal, only then can they be considered a success. If one is not in the active pursuit of a goal….one is not a success, but stagnant.
When I meet someone, who is on a heartfelt path, my heart leaps! Inside (and often verbally), I say to them, “Go, Baby, Go!” I ache for them to keep on the path, as I know there is personal growth, expansion of consciousness and endless possibilities on the other side. The boy signing up for little league with the dream of playing in the ‘bigs’, the young lady taking classes visualizing herself on stage as a ballerina or actress, the kids sitting behind a lemonade stand earning money for a bicycle, the overweight person out jogging, the person hanging out their shingle in front of a store…..it is a joy to be around those types of people and feel the spirit of possibility.