Dimensions 9.5″H x 10″W x 3″D      ~      Edition of 30

I often share with folks….. ”artists’ can’t help but create self-portraits with their work.” This sculpture offers an insight into my life. I’d be willing to bet, like me, you’ve seen animals enjoying the same pleasures in life that you and I do (a good stretch, awesome food, playing with friends or getting a peaceful nights rest). I’d like to add to that list….enjoying nature…..in ’being caressed by the wind’. Be it on a rock ledge, out in a meadow or at the edge of a canyon….how many of us have enjoyed nature that same way?
The difference between animals and most humans….is their sensitivity to the messages and information offered up in nature. How is it animals vanish before a tsunami, know when to hibernate, swim back to their place of birth after swimming thousands of miles in the ocean, etc?
I’m blessed to have a studio, at an elevation of 4900 feet, up on a hill, which is often blessed
with  “Canyon Winds”.