Dimensions  19″H 19″W 10″D      ~      Edition of 30


One of the finest parties I have ever been too was the funeral of my grandmother, Opal Vergie Speed.  It started off as any other funeral. There was mourning – a general sadness in the air. After the services we gathered together as family.  Food started to show up, someone made the rounds with a video camera asking people to remember their experiences of “Momma Opal”. A joke was told, singing started – all of a sudden and impromptu talent show began. The laughter and fun we had is treasured in my heart.  It struck me that the fun we’d had at Momma Opal’s funeral was exactly the same as we’d had in her presence. What a legacy to leave the world.

I know that there is no right or wrong way to be at a funeral.  Each of us experiences the passing of a loved one differently. 

In creating this piece, I depict five men at the wake of a gentleman, who has passed. They were all his friends. Each is “Celebrating A Life”.