Dimensions 94″H 48″W 54″D  ~ SOLD OUT    ~      Edition of 8


He’s prepared a fire, blessed the sage and cleansed his mind through fasting. This “Crow Shaman” has created an atmosphere conducive to receiving inspiration. He’s wearing an eagle feather headdress that’s been passed down for generations.  Even though it has been repaired numerous times, it’s held as invaluable for use in ceremonies. Often there would be a small fire in which to place herbs or sage. With his eagle feather fan he wafts smoke up and about. He calls out to the Great Spirit for guidance.

Spirituality is a personal thing. Even when in the presence of others, it is experienced “within”…that divine moment when one connects with higher power. I have found that people lean towards acquiring art that depicts a spiritual nature – works that tap into inner realms.

Is there an attempt – through prayer – to connect with Deity. What if we sought that divine connection when we dealt with our fellowman? Could a business transaction be a form of prayer? Is it possible that  “How I treat my fellowman is a reflection of my relationship with God?”