Dimensions  22″H 10″W 11″D      ~      Edition of 30


Many Native Americans fostered relationships with the ‘Four Leggeds’ (i.e. rabbit, deer, buffalo). Animals were ‘spoken to’ before a hunt…asking them to sacrifice their lives willingly, not just to be killed. Prior to a deer hunt, it was common for many male Native Americans to gather in ceremony and talk to the deer. In ritual dress, they donned antlers and mimicked the movements of their brother, the deer. Thereby, creating a unity between the animal, themselves and their God.

Speaking heart to heart with an animal one is about to kill, goes beyond the minds sense of reality. 

Using the example of the “Deer Dancer”, I ponder, ”…..are my actions and thoughts for the highest good of all? Are my relationships towards people, animals and the earth inspired by a desire for unity? “

What is the secret to living an abundant life? My answer is, “Gratitude”. Gratitude for every experience, relationship and life lesson I’ve ever had.  If I choose to not learn the lesson, by default, I prolong the experience of pain. Is it possible that when a lesson is learned…there is joy, and a blessing is laid at the feet of all parties involved?