Still in Clay      ~      Edition of 30


A woman far from town, living in the mid-west’s prairie.  The sod home lacks most modern conveniences. Like many women of the era, she treasures contact with the outside world. Her dreams are experienced in browsing the Sears Catalog. Sometimes a passing visitor tells tales of ‘back east’ or Paris.  She knows, “Someday……..”.  

Sometimes, she’ll visit the general store  –  just to peek at the tea set from England that sits on the shelf behind the counter. Definitely not unhappy with her circumstance….it’s just that she feels the ‘woman’ within and inherently finds herself drawn towards elegance, rising out of nowhere.

A trip to town, checking again…..

“It’s here!” The box! Her dreamed of!….longed for!….saved for!….new dress! It’s been months arriving. Dancing home excitedly, she disappears into her perfect private reality. 

Silently opening the box – giddy that “Its’ finally here!” The perfect lace, exquisite color….the choker fits just right.   Breathing in joy, she smiles….and smells ‘A bit of Paris”. “Ahhhh!”

Interesting to note:  Women out west often longed for and acquired fine things of the day. ‘Perfume’ from Paris –  ‘wall paper’ from England –  ‘sheet music’ from Spain.