Dimensions 21″ H x 12″ W x 14″ D      ~      Edition of 30

(Cheyenne Warrior Society)
The “Dog Soldier”, known for his fierceness and resolve in battle, was part of a warrior society in the Native American Cheyenne Nation,.
There is a point of character with these warriors upon which I marvel. These men were known to go into battle with a long sash fastened around their waists, and in the face of their enemy, would secure this sash to the ground, by either staking it with a spear or three sacred arrows. This was an unspoken message to their combatants, “I am victorious from the ground I stand upon or I die fighting.” Hold me back! Who has known such courage in their lives? Who has even come close to tasting that power from within?
Note:  The Dog Soldier’s headdress is comprised of eagle and turkey feathers. Also, these Cheyenne warriors were known to decorate their horses heads with a variety of items. One item shown in this sculpture being buffalo horns.