Dimensions  18 1/2″H 22″W 19″D      ~      Edition of 30


This crusty cook’s been there. He’s thrown down a thousand blankets to while away the time. He’s just ribbing the boys. Nothing he says is gonna change their behavior…he knows that going in.  Just funnin’ – and in his salty way lets them know he’s been around.
Gambling was rampant in the old West. Horses, wives, saddles, entire outfits often ended up on the ‘gambling blanket’.  All risked on the turn of a card or game of chance.
What is gamblin’? Is it wanting something for nothing? Or, is it more than that? Is it “risk”, buying into an illusion of false hope or living life as a wish?
Ever put a quarter in a slot hoping for the big payoff.  Or bought a lottery ticket hoping for the millions to rain down. Here is something to ponder….’What if the millions did come?”  Does it do anything…really? Or does it just prolong the inevitable crash and back to earth reality of ‘before’?
Something whispers to me that the reason we are not to covet ‘it’…. is that we couldn’t handle ‘it’ if ‘it’ did come.  Else wise we’d already have ‘it’.  Is it possible that we have what we have because of who we are?