Dimensions 15″H x 13″W x 6″D      ~      Edition of 30


When the lariat is out, the chase is on…..

The renegade steer that this vaquero is after is just a few jumps ahead. Of course in rough terrain, that may as well be a mile. At this point in the chase, it’s all instinct. A great rider will have a loop leave his hand without thought. To the casual observer, the timing of the rope twirling in the air, watching it leave the riders hand and that moment when it settles over the animal’s head, can look like magic. Watch it closely and you’ll literally see a symphony of movment. I’ve often pondered how many magical moments have gone unseen, only known to the cowboy who was just ‘doing his job’ for a dollar a day.

Mexican cowboys, “vaquero’s”, have often been regarded as some of the finest horsemen and ropers the world has ever known.  “En Busqueda del Renegado” = “In Search of the Renegade.”