Dimensions 32″ H     ~      Edition of 30


As I drive through various Navajo Reservations, I count myself blessed to witness shepherds tending their flocks (of sheep and goats).  On one such trip, I beheld a newborn goat held in the arms of a young shepherd.  Time stood still as this ageless act of selflessness and caring for one of God’s creatures unfolded.  There was a reverence and peace that washed over me, which I carry to this day. 

The Navajo language is unwritten and words are spelled phonetically.  NAI NELHL GHA DI is the phonetic spelling of the Navajo word for ‘Shepherd’.

I look forward to my trips through northern Arizona.  Even though I was born in Mesa, Arizona, it took me more than thirty years to feel a connection to the desert’s beauty.  The longer I live, the desire to live in and visit tranquil places grows.  It’s exciting for me to see this influence manifest itself in my artwork.  I pray you feel the quietness and peace in the sculpture entitled “NAI NELHL GHA DI”.