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Dimensions 7′ 4″H x 12’W x 4′ 1″D      ~      Edition of 10

FOOTBALL, circa 1890 Monument

Why is it our culture loves to pay homage to those who are first? Be it the first to run a four minute mile, fly solo across the Atlantic, step foot on this continent, or to land on the moon? There seems to be a respectful awe we hold for those who have the courage to be ‘first’. We even tend to build ‘Halls of Fame’ to honor those of yesteryear, who venture into unknown realms of possibility, be it in music, science or sports. Joseph Campbell once said, “Study history for gratitude”. For me, ‘looking into the past’ assists my outlook on how I live today. Perhaps that’s why I’m drawn to creating sculptures that delve into bygone eras. Often, while sculpting, I find myself researching old photos. In looking at period photographs, it’s people’s faces and eyes I’m drawn to. Am I wanting answers to questions? “Who are you?”, “Where did you go and what happened to you?”, “If you could tell me something, what would it be?”, “What lessons, from your life, could assist me in living mine?” I often find myself extending ‘honor’ to ‘those who came before’, and gain inspiration there from. 


Below are actual newspaper headlines 1888 to 1895

Oklahoma City Terrors (Methodist college students and high schoolers) Beat Oklahoma Sooners  34 to 0 “Sooner’s did not make a first down!”      


 Sewanee’s Iron Men Five shut out wins in six days Beat Texas A&M, Texas, Ole Miss, Tulane, LSU Outscored opponents 322 to 10       


 USC Quarterback, Arthur Carroll Sews together football pants for entire team!


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