Dimensions 15″H x 6.5″W x 7″D      ~      Edition of 30


What to pack ‘for the long journey’? Shoes wear out, clothes become threadbare and exuberance weakens. Only a limited amount of food and water can be carried and then must be replenished from

sources unknown. I’ve found that physical necessities (including people) only takes one so far. It’s often in a moment of dire consequence that an unseen quality is called into action. More than likely, that quality is the ability to connect with a higher source, a divine power, for answers, protection and guidance, to reach out and include God, and then hold a quiet inner-resolve that accompanies that knowingness.

Through out history, how many journeys have people began (in travel, business, or relationships) that required stepping off into the unknown, and in so doing, were stripped of everything but their relationship with God? Then comes the knowingness born of experience, a knowingness that emanates from a place deeper than marrow, to acknowledge, hold on and value, one’s union with the divine, and know that, “all is well.”