11 1/2” H x 9” W x 6” D  ~  Edition of 30


Around 2006, I was delivering a sculpture, south of Marfa, Texas, at the Cibola Creek Ranch. The ranch, established in 1850 by Milton Faver, was originally called, El Cibolo, and was built as a defense against the Apache. Having fallen into disrepair, it has been restored by John Poindexter and reservations can be made for a visit.

At Cibolo Creek Ranch, a number of the original adobe rooms have been turned into small museums, filled with numerous period artifacts. In my wandering the grounds, I happened upon a small room I discovered to be a chapel. In a section of the room was a type of chair that I’d never seen or even heard of before. Upon inquiry, I learned it was used for ‘prayer’. The instant I learned that information, I knew that one day I would use it in a sculpture.


I once heard a prayer that touched my heart. I share it with you now:

 “For those in need of prayer, 

who have not one to pray for them, 

I now pray to thee O’ Lord”