Dimensions 12.5″H x 12″W x 7″D      ~      Edition of 30


What could be more touching to a listening ear than a heartfelt prayer offered up in earnest? 

Throughout my life, I’ve witnessed the occasional media glimpse of people at the ‘Wailing Wall’ (be it on TV, a photo or painting). Always, my heart is touched, not because it is my faith, but rather I connect with the personal attempt of others to connect with Deity, be it for themselves or in petition for another.

There is a phrase I’ve held personal for many years. “Words are vibration, vibration is energy, energy is light”. Thus the words I speak are light, I then ask myself, “What level of light are the words I speak?” Could the results I’ve achieved, in every area my life, be directly related to the feelings I’ve attached to the words that have come out of my mouth? It takes real honesty to examine that one. This universe is unbiased and exacting. It knows no race, creed or color. We are all subject to its laws equally. Here is the key: It is not just the words one speaks….its the energy behind the words or rather the feeling behind the words. When I speak lovingly, I’ve received love. When I emit a judgmental attitude towards others, I, in return, am bombarded with judgment. When I trust others, I am trusted. Perhaps this is truth: “We reap what we sow”.


“Hear, O Israel”

(A few antidotes behind-the-scenes)

Several years ago, during a layover at the Denver airport, I was brought up short when I saw a Hasidic Jew stand and walk past me. I had a feeling he would be back and I waited patiently for about 10 minutes until he came back my way. There was such a beauty about him, I knew I had to try and capture that spirit in a sculpture. 

As he walked by me, again, I went up to him and quickly surmised he did not speak English. By miming with my hands and showing him my business card, he learned that I was a sculptor, and had a desire to use his image in a work of art.

I asked for permission to take his photograph. Knowing that most of his persuasion were very private people and did not like their photograph taken, I didn’t think he would allow it. He must’ve known of my sincerity and granted me the opportunity to take his picture. He allowed me two snapshots and then moved his hand to sharply to signify that was all.