Dimensions 12″H x 9.5″W x 9.5″D      ~      Edition of 30


She’s thinking of her children, and her children’s children. Dinner that evening crosses her mind. As she weaves, the love of conversation makes her baskets even more beautiful. A memory of her grandmother passes gently in her mind….”Make sure the reeds are taught”. More words from grandmother’s spirit, “Always correct a mistake the moment it happens”. 

Her grandmother’s baskets were prized. She’s often held a hope that her own baskets would be held with respect and that those she sold them to would know how much she cared to do her best. Anymore, there really is no thinking of  ‘how’ to weave a basket. She goes into a reverie of ‘feeling’….she finds that it’s feelings she weaves, her love of life, of family. She remembers the last great lesson from the woman whose hands she loved to touch, “Be careful what you choose to feel while you work, for ‘that’ is what you weave into your baskets.”