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The words of my mentor (Fritz White) often pierce the veil of my mind…”The most difficult thing to sculpt is the female form. If you can sculpt the female nude “well” – you can sculpt anything.” I took his words to heart and about every two years I’ll approach the female nude as a subject.  I rarely show these sculptures to the world…as I’ve become known for my pre-1900, West of the Mississippi, traditional figurative work, in the style of Remington and Russell.

Capturing the coyness of a smile ‘in clay’ is close to impossible. Putting the hint of wonder found in the turn of a wrist, the movement of a lip or the faintest glance of an eye can be tortuous.  Women, I have found, are a combination of subtle ‘intangible’ gestures.  As I sculpt them, it is the faintest fleeting feeling that jumps off of a line of clay…almost as if by accident – being led by an unseen hand that gives me the spirit I want in a piece. Never to understand, only to taste the beauty of their essence.