Dimensions 19″H x 9″W x 8″D      ~      Edition of 30


This idea gestated for years:  I visualize a guy risin’ of a morning…someone whose spent too many nights outside.  Part of him won’t let his blanket go, as if there may be a remote chance he’ll get to crawl back into it. He pushes up off the cold ground, scratches his head of mussed up hair, and mutters to know one in particular, “Sleeping in these clothes is getting old”.

If you’ve ever spent much time on the ground, under the stars, and woke up to frost on your blanket, there’s a good chance you’ll relate to this piece. Sleep on the cold earth a few times and you’ll learn quick to look for the least little twig or pebble that seems to grow in size under your blanket during the night. 

Here is a tip for ya’: There have been occasions when I’ve found myself about to go to sleep in deep snow or just plain freezing – on a night with not much but a scant little blanket to keep warm. My Scoutmaster taught me to choose a football size rock – throw it into the fire for about 15 minutes – take out the heated rock and wrap it up in an old cloth and take it to bed. Item of note: Don’t choose a stone that has been near water, for, while it is in the fire, steam builds up on the inside and it can explode like a grenade on you! Been there! There’s about ten of us lucky to still have our eyesight…from that night in Oklahoma.