Dimensions 28″H x 21″W x 21″D      ~      Edition of 30


With no thought for his own safety, this cowboy places himself between a downed man and hundreds of sharp hooves.

It was a lazy day that started uneventful.  The usual jovial bantering amongst the men accompanied breakfast.  Getting the herd started, for the thirty mile stretch, took longer than normal.  Mid-day brought stifleing heat.  As the afternoon drug on – a few dark clouds formed that looked ominous.  “CRACK” – a flash of light – in the same instant (lightning).  Instantaneously, the herd moved as one body.  One of the men riding the left flank found himself riding point.  All his efforts to turn the herd were to no avail.  He felt awash in a sea of horns and knew the seriousness of the situation.  Was it a gopher hole, a mess-step by his horse?  He didn’t know.  What he did know was that his horse had fallen and pinned his right leg under it’s side…………. .