Dimensions 6 1/2″ H x 4 1/2″ W x 4″ D      ~      Edition of 30

ARGONAUT:  “A person in quest of something dangerous but rewarding, an adventurer.”
Never was a word used more appropriately, than in the context of pioneers and seekers of gold, who left comforts of hearth and home, often wife and children, to brave a 3000 mile trek on foot or a 14,000 mile sea voyage around Cape Horn, only to reach a long sought destination to face privation, austere living, loneliness and thieves, often at the cost of their lives.
I love to ponder moments of ‘realization’…..when one knows that everything, from that point forward is different. When all the world goes quiet and an internal stillness washes over them. It is often the briefest of moments before an internal dialogue takes over, and then comes the question, “Now what?”
Ever’ once in a while I’ll fancy myself a wordsmith. I love to find examples of yesteryear whereupon just hearing the sound of a word, takes one back in both time and feeling.  Using the word ‘Argonaut’ is one such example that quickly puts a ‘time period’ and ‘mentality’ on its user.