Dimensions 68″H x 28″W x 35″D (Base 28″ x 28″)     ~      Edition of 15


It’s midnight and wet! The drizzlin’ rain is the kind that looks for a place to seep in and chill the bone.  Standing outside the dugout he surmises, “One against four – grateful I brought the scattergun”.  With both barrels….he’s never felt alone.

After the robbery, these boys’ pushed hard, for days. Their weakness is thinkin’  they’re safe. On a night like this he’s sure to catch them unawares.

Lantern lights have been dimmed. Chatter amongst the outlaws is sporadic and low. Quiet has settled in. He’ll give them a few more minutes to drift off to sleep and then…..’the law remembers’.


Evidence is found, files are kept, testimonies are offered, trials take place, and some consciences are cleared – while others are seared with pain and guilt.  However, is there a ‘Law’, beyond our minds comprehension, that remembers (and governs) all things?  If so, it begs the question, “Why?” Could the answer be, “To heal?”

Can we watch nature and learn? Is the earth constantly ‘healing’ itself?  I’ve witnessed trees struck by lightning, seen an entire forest burned, a land flooded, watched as a volcano destroyed all life around it, and then noticed how quickly, if not instantly, nature begins to heal itself. Is it the same with humanity and its laws? Is there a part of our wanting the law to remember a crime (and bring about justice) so that healing begins?


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