SOLD OUT      ~      Edition of 30


It’s “the lure of gold” that’s brought him here…unfortunately, it’s the same attraction that’s brought others.

Start with a only a week’s worth of food on your back… walk over 1800 miles, on foot, from an Illinois farm to a California gold field and see what happens! Have your senses sharpened from crossing numerous mountain ranges, some of them in winter. Battle raging rivers, storms and knowingly walk into deadly thirst…only with a prayer on your lips that there will be water.  Feel the edge that is constantly with you (that eats at your nerves) as you cross hostile lands. Witness your intuition honed so fine that a negative glance or an ill thought is felt across a chasm.

How oft does a life change in an instant? “If only I hadn’t of crossed that street  – left earlier – taken that flight – said what I did!” The question is….”Was there something that prompted me to act otherwise?”  

We Know! We were designed to inherently know things. We were not set up for failure. Be it intuition, a gut feeling or a natural knowing….we know! This knowingness comes quieter than the softest whisper…it saves lives, prompts…teaches.  Many a man came out west for gold….only to find that the treasure they found was themselves.