Dimensions 9″H x 10″W x 8″D     ~      Edition of 30


Read the title again…..”The Stolen Bracelet”. Now pause for a moment and look again at the image of the sculpture. Notice your mind…..where did it go with that title?”

Had you noticed the jewelry on the floor in front of her? Did you go into judgment of character because she was nude or bathing? What of ‘possibility’? Was the bracelet perhaps stolen and given to her as a gift? Did she steal it? Was it stolen…discarded….and randomly found by her – she being unaware of its history?        

Note:  As I sculpted this piece, out of the blue, the idea came to put a bracelet on the floor in front of the woman bathing. Immediately…the words “The Stolen Bracelet” flashed into my mind. I told the model of my insight and she said, “I love it”.  I marvel in the power of a great title that presses the mind.