Dimensions 23″H x 29″W x 16″D       ~      Edition of 30

(full piece)~base 21″x11″ / in clay 24″ to top of coup stick.


Before you rides a great warrior.  He has just counted “coup”(the act of touching, ‘not killing’, an enemy in battle with one’s hand, weapon or coup stick).  Exulting in the face of his enemy, he rejoices for all the world to take notice of his prowess, his cunning, his victory.  The feathers on his person, horse and coup stick stand as witness of his legend. 

Pre-1900, there wasn’t voting amongst Indians as to who led a tribe.  Ones deeds led.  The actions of a warrior on the field of battle, in and amongst his enemy counted.  It’s a sad state of affairs we’ve gotten ourselves into when the man who can spit out the best line of rhetoric or looks the best on television is placed higher than the one whose wisdom, power, courage has been earned and proven in battle.

There is a “P.S.” I feel compelled to add here that follow suit with this piece.  “Don’t tell me you love me – show me”.