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On June 25, 1876, General George Armstrong Custer made his way to the Little Big Horn River and into the history books.

Prior to going into the Little Big Horn country, Custer was warned that 2,000 to 4,000 Sioux and Cheyenne Indians would be waiting for him.  Custer led approximately 650 troops of the 7th cavalry.  Under Custer’s command, Major Benteen was sent with appx 250 troops to cut off the Indians retreat to the East (on the backside of a small range of mountains – which effectively put them out of the battle).  Major Reno was commanded by Custer to attack the village from the South with 150 troops. After the initial attack, he was forced into a quick retreat back across the Little Big Horn River. Reno’s initial attack cost the lives of one-third of the men under his command.  NOTE: The bronze, “We fought Through Boggy Ground”, depicts this retreat back across the river. As Reno retreated from the South, Custer led a full charge, straight North into the area. He met thousands of Indians, led by chief Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse, who closed off Custer’s retreat.  Only a half-Indian scout from Custer’s group survived the battle; Custer and all his men were killed.

What business hasn’t gone through boggy ground?  What organization hasn’t struggled? Do even the best of marriages see a little rough water?  I know we don’t have to experience pain to learn the lessons of life. If we are smart, we learn from examples, parents, teachers’ and by listening to that natural knowing inside us all.  In short, we learn in happiness. However, when we need a good wake up call, to learn that lesson we’ve been ignoring, there’s a good chance the world will pitch up a mean fastball.