Dimensions 20 1/2″H x 11″W x 11″D      ~      Edition of 30


I was tempted to call this piece:    “In Missouri it was Grasshoppers – In Kansas it was Hail.” 

Why is it people ‘continue on’ in the face of unforeseen circumstances (poverty, illness, natural disaster)?  I was drawn to depict folks that are bonded together.  A family connected by something far greater than what the world of mishap and catastrophe offers. What if ‘all we have is each other’? Perhaps the transitory world of content and form is an illusion and that all we truly have are the intangible ‘feelings’ of relationships.  These feelings, be they positive or negative, being the chords that bind.

Ever make a new start? I cheer inside for the couple who start a family business. I revel in joy as I see two young people taking on the challenge of beginning a family. Tears have welled up inside me, as I was privileged to witness a man, who used to cower, stand for himself, for the first time in his life, trembling with new found strength, and shout to his aggressor, “Never again!” “I choose something different!” From that time forward, he walked in the newness of life.

Who doesn’t start life ‘new’ everyday? When one opens their eyes in the morning, they either make a new choice or choose back into the beliefs of their past (only to repeat it).  I have noticed that repeating the past over and over is what some choose to call life.  Is it possible that living outside of one’s comfort zone is the only way to experience the true definition of “life”?