Dimensions 22″H x 13″W x 12″D      ~      Edition of 30


He’s never tried to figure out the ‘why’ of what men do…it’s just that when they go against the law it leaves a foul taste in his mouth that lingers naggingly. His whole life seems to be fighting for what he’s come to know as ‘right’. These boys were rough – one of ‘em gave him no out but to cut him down. Took weeks to track ‘em. It’ll be at least that long bringin’ ‘em in. Til then, his fare is sleepless nights and a wary eye.

I wanted to show what ‘The Law’ stands for…..represented in the character of a man’s face.  The type of man who ‘willingly’ rides alone, and, because of his profession, often finds himself in the company of those agin’ the law.  “T’aint fer the timid or weak of heart”.

Is the following statement truth? “Every thought we think…every word we utter…works its way into our faces”.  How could it be any different? I once heard the phrase….”The show of his countenance witnesses against him”. I like to think of the opposite being true too. My countenance witnesses ‘for me’ as well.