Dimensions 17 1/4″ H x 25 1/2″ W x 11” D      ~      Edition of 30


Why is it that certain men brave the uncertainty of new frontiers? There always seem to be those few who venture out and show what is possible. Be it in science (Werhner von Braun), sports (Rogers Bannister), business (Bill Gates) or photography (Edward S. Curtis).

Oft times, ventures require partners of like mind and spirit. There is always strength in numbers. Ever notice how the strength of a man and woman equally yoked, is greater than the sum of two individuals?

Ever notice how people seek out others that are like themselves?  I’ll take that a step further, ever notice how people seek out activities and places in nature that resemble the ‘spirit’ of themselves?” Why is it some are content sitting with the quietness of a mountain meadow and others want to climb up a half-mile mile cliff face – with no ropes? What churns in the deep recesses of those that run ‘raging rivers’? 

In a partnership, strength lies in trusting the other – when each party recognizes the capable resoluteness in the other and is more than willing to let them have their head. With a horse, hold the reins too tight, for too long, they’ll turn fidgety…and not know what to trust.