Dimensions 25” H x 21″ W x 9″ D      ~      Edition of 30


My desire with this sculpture was to show a man, still in the Spring of life, by the way he sets a saddle, already having resolve, an internal bearing and owning the importance of character, all qualities that served him through life. Most notably, in our present-day lives, we see the face of the statesman ‘George Washington,’ the one painted by Gilbert Stuart, on the dollar bill. However, let’s back up just a bit……

Have you ever pondered the experiences of youth that led this revered man to be who he came to be? What do we really know of this youth? Who were his heroes? Who gave him counsel? Who served as examples? What do you know of the triumphs, sorrows, joys, fretted over decisions, griefs, quiet moments, loves, loves lost, visions, hopes and thoughtful internal dialog that forged this young man who eventually crossed the Delaware in freezing weather with a ragtag band of revolutionaries, to become a father of a nation?

On another note regarding George, do I hold a man (whose life passed centuries ago) to some Godly standard, beyond humanness? Or, can I use his greatness, humanness and frailties as an example to study my own, else I wallow in judgment(s) of all I encounter?

Of all of George Washington’s achievements perhaps the one that changed all of human history was the singular act of “walking away,” stepping down from the United States Presidency, not being held by power but having become tethered to a kindness of soul….allowed the torch to be passed to another. An act that created a precedent, a pattern, the destiny of a nation. One could say he knew that the country was bigger than any one man, or, one could say he knew his Divine nature was bigger than the country.


Note: On the base of this sculpture I included different types of surveyors theodolites & transits.