Dimensions 8" H x 3 5/8" W x 2 1/2" D WILDCAT In the world of oil and gas exploration, a 'wildcat well' is an exploratory oil well that is drilled in land not known to be an oil field. According to Definitions.USLegal.com: “Wildcat drilling [...]



Dimensions 45" H x 36" W x 27" D      ~      Edition of 30 “BLOWOUT” In every era, there are men and women willing to ‘risk it all’ for the possibility of great reward; be it for money, a gold medal, [...]

The Glory Days


Dimensions 19"H x 7"W x 6"D      ~      Edition of 30 THE GLORY DAYS Remember when…?  “Back in the Good ‘ole days”.  Nostalgic longings…! Those who succeed know that “now”, “today”, “the present fleeting moment” is the jewel in life to be discovered and [...]

The Lure of Gold


SOLD OUT      ~      Edition of 30 THE LURE OF GOLD It’s “the lure of gold” that’s brought him here...unfortunately, it’s the same attraction that’s brought others. Start with a only a week’s worth of food on your back…..now [...]

A Rank Wildcat


Dimensions 48.25"H x 15.5"W x 13"D      ~      Edition of 30 A RANK WILDCAT Oil wells are classified by the risk involved in drilling and finding oil. There are wells drilled in proven fields (within eyesight of [...]

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