The Old Warrior

The Old Warrior


Wisdom rarely moves fast….but it can. Wisdom doesn’t say much….but when it does….listen. Wisdom knows the value of letting life unfold and finds contentment letting ‘it’ do just that.

Often, with age, come the scars from battles. It’s not that fighting is a bison’s nature, but rather, its inherent nature is to roam free, and whatever attacks that freedom is instinctively challenged. It was not about winning, no scores are kept. It was about living as a creature independent from all others.

As I sculpted this aging bison, it was close to the time of my fathers passing. My siblings and I stood around his bed. The question arose in my mind, “How is it that the aura of nobility does not rest?” We all knew it was his time…….my mind could not go to his frailty, only to an honored life.….well lived.

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