Studio Nights

Art Trail News   •   April 26, 2022

 Studio Nights are held the 2nd Wednesday of the month, at Scott Rogers Studio in Paradise, UT. Artists and Art Lovers, gather to share what they are working on or some art work they would like to discuss or get perspectives on. Possibly bring a piece that is giving you trouble or something that is inspiring you.
Where: 8587 Paradise West Circle, Paradise, Utah 84328
(if using apple maps you may need to use this address in GPS, 8587 S Paradise West Circle, Wellsville, UT.)
Note:  This is not our mailing address.
Please don’t park in the street. There is room in the 1/2 circle drive and on the upper level, behind the monument of “The Trooper”.
The purpose of this evening is to bring artists and art together. Please bring a work of art you are currently working on and would like to experience the perspective of others. Possibly one that had you flummoxed or stymied for years… you know the one!  Perhaps you’ll hear some golden words from another that will allow you to see a piece with fresh eyes and inspired you in some way.

Our intention for these evenings

1.  Provide a forum to receive and share unique perspectives that expand ones vision of art.

2.  Foster a constructive positive atmosphere, inspiring the creativity of those in attendance.

3.  Move a work of art from out of the closet, off the floor, out of the garage or barn and bring it to fruition.