Art Trail News   •   April 23, 2019

Sculpture of a bison coming out of the ground
 In St. George, Utah, for the installation of “Tatonka”. The exhibit is called, “Art Around the Corner.” It’s an annual year long outdoor art exhibit. About two dozen artists have their work mounted on outdoor pedestals around the city.
“Tatonka” is a Sioux Indian word for buffalo. In pondering this animal’s history, I’ve felt how closely they are associated with the earth. In fact, Native Americans believed that buffalo came out of Mother Earth.
In sculpting this piece I wanted to explore the relationship between this animal and the earth. Perhaps where one found it difficult to find where the earth stopped and the buffalo began. I wanted to show the animal as I feel him. I desired to show ‘in physical form’ the powerful forces that drove this creature to travel the planes, brave winters and show courage to a fault. There has always been something about this shaggy, unkept animal that has held my heart. Perhaps it’s because I often find myself sculpting in ten year old cargo shorts and a ratty T-shirt.
The patina on this piece is as good as it gets. Patina by Bill Sturgis.