When looking to purchase Fine Art

Art Trail News   •   February 19, 2013

 When you find yourself looking to purchase a piece of fine art, that you’re possibly going to live with for the rest of your life and pass on to generations, make sure it has balance And a great composition. A work of art can stand alone on those two principles.

Balance: the arrangement of objects that leaves one contented.
Composition: how one form plays off another to create a feeling.  (Often portrayed by shapes.)

When you look at a sculpture or a painting, ask yourself, “Do I feel comfortable?” “Is the balance or anatomy off?” “Is the movement awkward?”  “Would the subject really move like that?”

Collecting is such a personal thing.
Some collectors,  find their “eye” develops over time, and what once caught their eye, doesn’t any more. However, there is a man who has been collecting for 40 years. I
viewed his entire collection and picked my favorite painting. When I told him which piece it was , he said, “That was the very first painting I ever bought”.  Trust what you feel.