‘Whiskey’s Rebel’

‘Art Trails’ News   •   June 29, 2016

action shot of a cowboy riding a bull in a rodeo

 I would never consider myself as having been a good bull rider. Never felt I had the hand strength needed to keep a good hold. Over a three year period (1977-1980) I did get on about 165 head. The time dad came up to Colbert, Oklahoma, to watch me ride, I was very grateful, as he ended up driving me to the hospital with a broken back (Kojak, was the bull that did a number on me). He said he watched me flop around out in the arena like a rabbit in its death throws. 

Can’t believe it’s taken me 26 years, as a professional sculptor, to finally get around to creating a bull rider.

Nothing flips my lid like dramatic lighting on a sculpture.
There was a fell’a who came in to the gallery a couple of years ago and inspired me to create this sculpture. He is the owner of a bull used in the PBR called, “Whiskey’s Rebel.” I love that name for this piece. My old bull riding gear. Those are dad’s chaps, he used to bull ride back in the 50s. Those are my vintage “Bob Blackwood” spurs.